My plays

Short plays

Some of my short plays. If you’d like to request a copy, please contact me. You can see the full list on

Schrödinger’s Cat

Cast: 1 M, 1 F
Running time: 10 min.

Mabel walks in to her apartment thinking she’s been burgled but finds Donald, her ex, with a strange metal box. And she can’t find her cat.

“Schrödinger’s Cat” was selected by theatre company DryWrite for their new writing event “What’s in my box?”, part of their residency at The Bush Theatre.
Performance: August, 2011. Produced by DryWrite.


Dangerous Mnemonics

Cast: 2 M, 2 F
Running time: 20 min.

Max, a failed journalist who unwillingly lives with his Mother and Grandmother, is chosen by neuroscientist Alistair to be trained for the Memory Olympics. Alistair devises a technique in which by thinking of obscene images, memory is improved dramatically. The technique is wildly successful for Max but when his progress stalls, Alistair proposes Max use his own family in the obscene images. When this works, Max is torn between becoming a champion and tormenting his mind with incestuous thoughts.

“Dangerous Mnemonics” was performed as part of The Miniaturists at the Arcola Theatre.
Performance: August, 2011. Produced by The Miniaturists.



Hopelessly devoted to you

Cast: 3 persons. Any gender.
Running time: 15 min.

D is in a wheelchair. J is hopelessly devoted to D. And P is trying to sort out what happened when D saw the pictures on J’s phone.

“Hopelessly devoted to you” was commissioned by Papercut Theatre for their gender-blind event “XY” at Theatre503 .
Performance: December, 2012 (Theatre503) and August, 2013 (Pleasance, Edinburgh Fringe). Produced by Papercut Theatre.



Asking and Telling

Cast: 3 M, 1 F
Running time: 15 min.

A whirlwind journey through the life of Bradley Manning and the events that led to his leaking of thousands of secret US government documents to Wikileaks.

“Asking and Telling” was selected as part of Theatre503 ‘s Rapid Write Response to their show “Man in the middle”.
Performance: January, 2012. Produced by Theatre503.