Mars Rover

“Mars Rover” is a science adventure musical for a cast of two (1 female, 1 male), for family audiences.

“Mars Rover” was shortlisted for the S&S Award run by Mercury Musical Developments and Leicester Curve. It was also featured as part of the BEAM new musicals festival at the Park Theatre. We recently completed an ACE-funded development workshop with Harriet Hardie and Ben Miles of Full House Theatre Company.

We’ve already secured some funding for a production, so we’re currently looking to partner with a producer to get this show on.

Also, with the European Space agency preparing a Mars Rover launch in 2020 and the recent announcement in the Queen’s speech to allocate £13.7 billion to the UK space industry, we think the show would be a brilliant way to engage the public and get children interested in science.


Mars Rover  (1 F, 1 M / Approx. 50min in duration)

 “Destiny, the Mars Rover, wants to be the first explorer to discover life on the red planet. Jefferson, her controller back at NASA, wants her to just stick to collecting soil and rock samples. They both struggle comically to get along as their mission takes them through the Solar System, involves a daring landing on Mars and the exploration of the red planet. They gradually learn from each other and discover that true friendship lies at the heart of genuine teamwork.”

Music samples

Soundcloud link to demos from the show:

Please contact me if you’d like to know more.


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