Post-Edinburgh post

Yes, Edinburgh ended a while ago, but it was still a pretty cool experience worth posting about.

“XY” went really well. We were at the Pleasance That in the Pleasance Courtyard complex. Crowds were good and despite a rocky first preview (the previous company managed to erase all our tech queues!), everything turned out great. Here’s a shout out to the trusty people at Papercut Theatre for putting on an excellent show!

I got a really nice review on Since my little play only ran one week (as part of a rotating bill of 4 short plays), it was a bit tough to get it seen by many reviewers, nonetheless a nice notice was a pleasant surprise. And who knew BroadwayWorld reviewed shows that were not on Broadway?

The show began with the strongest offering, “Hopelessly Devoted to You” by German Munoz, an interesting tale of the relationship between a disabled person and the partner they discover to be a “devotee” – someone who is particularly attracted to those with disabilities. The two people in the relationship just happened to both be female, but with the concept in mind, this was written simply as a relationship, rather than specifically a lesbian relationship, allowing the show to successfully present interesting female characters and an LGBT relationship without objectification. –


It was very fun being a punter as well as a participant at the Fringe. I got a shiny little Pleasance pass because I was a company member of “XY” so I got to see Pleasance productions for free (granted they weren’t sold out). How cool is that? Plus since the writing work was done, I could also relax. Sort of.

My Pleasance pass

For my future self, here is a reminder list about what to do if I ever take a play to Edinburgh:

  1. Taking a straight play to Edinburgh (outside of the Traverse at least) is not the best idea. You’re competing with a lot of really quirky/different/musical/comic/performance/dancy material. Unless your play distinguishes itself, a lot, it’s even harder to stand out.
  2. Your poster needs to sell the show. In about 0.35 seconds.
  3. It’s very, very expensive.

Anyway, I doubt my future self will heed these warnings and will gladly jump at another chance of having one of my plays on at the Fringe.

XY in London and Edinburgh!

XYThis Tuesday is the Edinburgh Preview for my short play that’ a part of Papercut Theatre’s XY. If you’re not going up to Edinburgh, and are in London, it’ll be your last chance to see it. It’s on at Theatre503 in Battersea. Here’s the FB event.

My short is called “Hopelessly devoted to you“. It features wheelchair sex and skydiving. That’s my main marketing pitch and I’m sticking to it. I really like this darkly comic little play and what the director and cast have done with it, so I hope folks get to see it.

It premiered last December at Theatre503 and will be on at the Pleasance Courtyard as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 31 July to 4 Aug as part of the rotating set of plays that will make up XY.


XY – Edinburgh Preview

Our writers were given a simple job. Write a short play without specifying gender for any of the characters. One play. No gender. Endless possibilities.

Ahead of their residency at the Pleasance Courtyard at this summer’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Papercut Theatre present a selection of plays from their acclaimed short play festival.

23rd July, 7pm

‘Hopelessly Devoted to You’ by German Munoz
Directed by Amanda Castro
Cast: Ines De Clercq, Kelda Holmes & Gemma Lawrence

‘The Endings’ by Sara Pascoe
Directed by Antonio Ferrara
Cast: TBC

‘Spunk’ by Rose Lewenstein
Directed by Antonio Ferrara
Cast: TBC

‘Everweather’ by Afsaneh Gray
Directed by Melissa Dunne
Cast: Martin Behrman, Hatty Jones & Gemma Lawrence

24th July, 7pm

‘Blame’ written by Peter Cant and and directed by Diana Mumbi
Cast: TBC

Spineless by Tobias Wright
Cast: Sophie Dickson Kirsten Hazel-Smith Scott Wilson-Besgrove

‘Chemotherapy’ by Stephen Sharkey
Directed by Kate Baiden
Cast: TBC

‘Gorilla Banana’ by Lisa Carroll
Directed by Kate Baiden
Cast: TBC

“XY falls within this long tradition of original, challenging new plays.” – A Younger Theatre

“A clever production idea…kept the audience involved and interested throughout.” – ★★★★ One Stop Arts